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Not Just Another Pretty Face, Hyde Park Art Center

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Not Just Another Pretty Face in Galleries 1 & 2 at the Hyde Park Art Center, October 18, 2008 to January 17, 2009. Following great enthusiasm and success, the Hyde Park Art Center is pleased to present the third installment of Not Just Another Pretty Face (NJAPF), a commissioning project. This dynamic year-long program begins with the Center arranging commissions between patrons and artists. The result is a group of engaging and personal works (from traditional to most untraditional) culminating in a grand unveiling benefit event, an exhibition in Gallery 1, a catalogue documenting the process, and a series of free public programs exploring the idea of collecting art. This year’s Not Just Another Pretty Face has created an interesting, accessible, and personal way to participate in collecting contemporary art as well as an opportunity to learn about the broad and creative pool of contemporary artists working in Chicago. Throughout the course of NJAPF’s events and programs, a new and diverse group of people have begun to think of themselves as patrons of contemporary art and have, with the assistance of the Center, started building lasting relationships with artists. NJAPF also provides all of the artists involved with greater exposure to a wider audience and the possibility of inclusion in a major exhibition and catalogue. The Center is proud to be a facilitator of these new creative interactions and to be instrumental in bringing about new situations for creativity. Some of the artists involved include Nick Cave, Carol Jackson, Jacob Hashimoto, Karen Reimer, Joanne Scott, Oli Watt, Karl Wirsum, and many more.

"Jazz Ensembles" 2 out of 8 paintings commissioned for Judith Stein. 4"x6" oil and pumice on canvas. These paintings were created while listening to some of Judith Stein's favorite Jazz music, the colors, layers and textures are improvisations like the music itself.


Commission for Bob Shapiro from his wife Ginger Farley.


"Bob Shapiro Insitu" Oil and pumice on Canvas 2008 28"x22" In creating an abstract painting representing Bob Shapiro, I wanted to create something that represents him and a place he enjoys being in. Bob mentioned to me, he loved his vacation home and the sky/lake. Since I take photos, often with my cell phone and email them to myself for inspiration, it worked out perfectly that Ginger was able to send me images of Bob and Michigan from her iphone. In the painting, the blues and purples in the background represent the sky and Lake Michigan. The red area below is Bob's red pickup, with him in a blue t-shirt and the blob of flesh tones representing him. The greens/blue-greens/yellow-greens represent the lush vegetation; leaves of the tress and Bob's herb garden. There is also a small brown spot representing his dog on a cerulean blue leash. This painting is about Bob and his toys, and enjoyment of life. The title comes from Archaeology, Insitu, in place, as an archaeology; object found and photographed in it's original discovery.